The SDG Hive is a series of practically focused workshops, power roundtables and hackathons held with industry experts and global leaders established to create a ‘hive of activity’ with the aim of enhancing private capital flows towards achieving the UN SDGs. GEFI recognise certain Goals are the priority for governments to achieve and select Goals are highly impacted by private markets. GEFI view the UN SDGs as a key globally accepted overarching framework for sustainability and that financial institutions have a key role to play in achieving such through both directly financing or through indirect blended financing solutions.

Upcoming SDG Hive

The programme will comprise of a series of practically focused, private events held with industry experts and global leaders, established to create a ‘hive’ of activity with the aim of enhancing private capital flows towards achieving the UN SDGs. During COP28, our SDG Hive series provides a platform for high-impact discussions around select COP28 themes. The sessions build upon the SDG Hive from our annual Ethical Finance Global summit and provide finance practitioners with the skills they need to address the climate crisis and achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

SDG Hive at COP28

Past SDG Hives

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SDG Hive Sept 2023

Our SDG Hive during the Ethical Finance Global Summit 2023 featured deep-dive working sessions, co-curated with our partners at the NatWest Group Business School, Gogurburn Campus, Edinburgh and include a residential format.

Our discussions centred around:

  • Purpose & Leadership
  • Global Leaders
  • Asset Management
  • Financing Nature
  • Islamic Finance
  • Empowering Women

SDG Hive Sept 2022

The Ethical Finance Global Summit 2022 saw the inception of the SDG Hive which propelled the Hive into a permanent part of our events.

Our discussions centred around:

  • Global Leaders
  • Islamic Finance
  • Finance for Nature
  • Women Leaders

Promoting the UN SDGs

In 2018, GEFI commenced a joint venture with UNDP seeking to partner with global financial institutions towards creating financial products that help achieve the SDGs. In 2019 GEFI and UNDP hosted a series of workshops and hackathons in Edinburgh bringing together SDG aligned commercially viable projects alongside financiers across different thematics, including nature and biodiversity. Subsequently in 2020 GEFI launched the SDG Financial Products programme with AEGON and partnered with the UKIFC to launch the Global Islamic Finance and UN SDGs Taskforce together with HM Treasury and IsDB. The Taskforce has been leading global efforts to enhance awareness and engagement with the SDGs by the sector and has successfully engaged key stakeholders including LSEG, Ministry of Finance Indonesia, State Bank of Pakistan along with multiple leading global financial institutions and advisory firms across various workstreams within the Taskforce. Across 2022 and 2023 we have issued various reports including the SDG Insight Series, delivered in partnership with Aegon. GEFI remain committed to ensuring financial markets play their role towards achieving the global goals and the SDG Hive is a key convening platform to inspire and expedite practical action.

Attitudes of Banking Customers towards the UN SDGs

SDG Insight Series

Islamic Finance and the SDGs:Thought Leadership

Attitudes of Banking Customers towards the UN SDGs

A pioneering global survey that gauges the understanding and awareness of the UN SDGs amongst retail consumers of finance products.

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SDG Insight Series

This series explores how financial institutions are using the SDGs in their financial products across a range of asset classes. The series also includes briefings on the move from ESG to the SDGs and the SDG Impact Standards.

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Islamic Finance and the SDGs: Thought Leadership

A short summary of a four-part thought-leadership series on Islamic finance and the SDGs.

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SDG Financial Products is the result of a collaboration between the Global Ethical Finance Initiative (GEFI) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to facilitate the development of innovative financial products that are SDG aligned.

GEFI and UNDP believe that private sector led solutions are required to deliver the SDGs. In a market of increasing virtue signalling, financial products listed are prequalified and we only partners with financial institutions that demonstrate a genuine commitment to the 2030 SDG agenda.

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