The Global Ethical Finance Initiative (GEFI) oversees, organises and coordinates a series of programmes
and initiatives to promote finance for positive change around the world.

Along with delivering practical projects, GEFI annually hosts in Edinburgh the premier platform that convenes the world’s foremost business, political, civic and social leaders of society to network, share, co-develop and shape a fairer, more sustainable financial system.

Pioneering Two Year Programme to Channel Finance for Sustainable Development 

This Scottish Government and UNDP programme, aimed at mobilising private capital for the SDGs, is co-managed as part of GEFI. With an urgent need to move from a grant-dependent or charity-dependent model towards a self-sufficient business enterprise, the collaboration will seek to develop innovative financial structures and delivery vehicles to allow natured-based projects to become viable investment propositions. It will also develop and facilitate a programme of investor and stakeholder engagement activities aimed at driving more private capital to SDG funds and projects.

Global Award Winning Forum Driving Positive Change in the Financial System

Led by industry practitioners the round table series is one of the UK’s leading ethical finance discussion platforms. Since 2010 it has attracted around 350 professionals, from over 60 organisations, keen to develop a fairer and more socially responsible finance system. Participants from London, Germany, Luxembourg and the USA have attended and, through Government ministerial involvement, we have hosted two events at the Scottish Parliament.

World’s First Interfaith Collaboration on Ethical Finance Between Islamic Finance and the Church

Over 75 experts representing faith groups, financial practitioners and senior parliamentarians have participated in this globally acclaimed initiative. The interfaith Shared Values Framework (“Edinburgh Declaration”) will underpin the development of a financial solution open to all in society regardless of faith or ethnic background.

Convening the Ethical Finance Debate and Hosting the Narrative in Scotland

The inaugural Ethical Finance Week took place in Edinburgh between 22 – 25 October 2018. The week was anchored by Ethical Finance 2018, an international conference which looked at regaining trust and demonstrating impact in financial services, and included an Edinburgh Ethical Finance Round Table meeting, a Financial Innovation Lab Ideation event and an Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland Sustainable Finance Discussion.

The UK’s First Dedicated Hub for Ethical Finance

The Ethical Finance Hub (EFH) is Scottish Government-backed and industry-led initiative that emerged from the award-winning Edinburgh Ethical Finance Round Table series and is focused on raising awareness, capacity building and facilitating practical activities (such as research, events and projects) to help support the growth of the sector. The EFH aims to create a fairer, more inclusive and socially responsible financial system as well as improve the environment, social and governance performances of businesses.