Mobilising private finance: Can COP28 deliver more than COP27?

Wednesday 1st February 2023, 9:30 - 10:30

Finance is at the heart of the transition to net zero to enable a socially just transition that also helps to preserve nature and build resilience. Trillions are needed to flow into solutions, assets and leading companies. But the finance sector cannot achieve this alone – an ambitious, credible policy environment is necessary to enable capital allocation at the scale and pace needed for net zero by 2050. Achieving net zero by 2050 requires emissions to reduce by 50% by 2030 – but country pledges would currently take us to a 10% increase in emissions and result in 2.4C warming. There is a significant misalignment between policy actions and what is expected of investors and corporates. COP27 did not help increase decarbonisation ambition and keep the 1.5C goal alive.

At this webinar, delivered in collaboration with abrdn, we will focus on a brief review of COP27 outcomes and take a look at the actions needed in 2023 ahead of COP28, in particular:

  • What are the gaps that need to be addressed to enable capital flows in line with net zero?
  • Is the annual multilateral COP approach working to address climate change with the urgency that is required? What other options do we have?
  • How does the financial system need to be reformed to enable capital flows into the most vulnerable nations?
  • Ultimately, what are the implications for net zero commitments in the finance industry if emissions continue to rise?