Brazil represents a huge opportunity for investment into nature-based solutions for climate change (NbS). The global climate challenge demands innovative solutions, and NbS stands tall as a game-changer. By harnessing nature's inherent capacity to sequester carbon and avoid emissions, NbS is a cost-effective and immediate means to mitigate climate change. As industries struggle to become net-zero through their supply chains, NbS is a potent ally. Compared to the staggering $100T financing gap needed for traditional sectors in energy, transportation & industry, NbS requires a fraction of the investment at an estimated $10T.

Brazil contains 5 critical biomes – the Amazon, Cerrado, Mata Atlantica, Caatinga, Pantanal and Pampa – with a total area of 851.4m Ha. Only ~59% of it remains forested. In 2022 Brazil lost 3.23m Ha of natural forest cover, much of it to destructive farming and grazing practices. The effects have been devastating for farmers, the climate, and biodiversity. Brazil’s total degraded land surface amounts to ~140 million Ha.

But here lies the opportunity. Using NbS to restore this land makes Brazil a prime location to store and remove carbon, whilst protecting biodiversity and enhancing livelihoods. With its world-class agricultural sector and sophisticated investment community, Brazil has the potential to become an NbS powerhouse, a leader in regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, sustainable livestock management, restoration of degraded pasture, ecosystem restoration, forest-based bioeconomy and sustainable forest management.

Following the success of Capital for Climate’s (C4C) NBS Investment Summit held in Sao Paulo in April 2023, C4C is hosting two invite-only no-fee investment NbS opportunity roadshows, which the Global Ethical Finance Initiative are supporting:

  1. A virtual roadshow on September the 28th
  2. An in-person roadshow in Sao Paulo Brazil the second week of November (in conjunction with a private UNEP Climate Finance Unit convening). This event is invite-only and limited to 20 in-person participants.

Intended for international investors, the roadshows will showcase Brazil’s investment pipeline of leading NbS-focused asset managers, project developers and enterprises. The roadshows are sponsored by the Brazilian NbS Investment Coalition. Its overarching goal is to scale NbS to millions of ha by 2030 and to attract an additional $5bn to the sector in the next two years.

With two years of extensive mapping in Brazil’s NbS investment landscape, C4C has established the Brazil Investment Collaborative – a consortium of top-tier local asset managers committed to scaling NbS. With deep expertise and invaluable connections, C4C acts as a catalyst, bridging the gap between investors and the transformative NbS opportunities in Brazil.

For investors seeking a nature-positive pipeline and valuable connections for deal-making, both Roadshows will showcase Brazil’s NbS-focused fund managers, leading project developers, and NbS enterprises.This includes opportunities for catalytic capital, venture, growth, private debt, and real assets. Attendees will see pipeline across agroforestry, bioeconomy/NTFP, regenerative agriculture, ecosystem restoration, restoration of degraded pastureland, sustainable livestock management, nature tech and more.

The roadshows are available exclusively to institutional investors seeking NbS pipeline. Register here.

This guest blog was written for GEFI by Matthew Portman, on behalf of our partners Capital for Climate.