The World Economic Forum (WEF) 2023 is upon us.

Last week’s Global Risks Report showed nature and biodiversity as key areas of long-term concern for both the Forum and the wider global economy, alongside the ever-present threat of climate change and the short-to-medium term challenge posed by Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Here’s our selection of what to look out for today and tomorrow:

WEF has long been a supporter of sustainable finance, having published the Green Investment Report, which provides a comprehensive overview of the global market for green investment and financing. The Growth Action Alliance brings together leaders from the public and private sectors to mobilize investment in green infrastructure and other projects that support sustainable economic growth.

Bringing together leaders from the financial and investment communities to explore ways to promote sustainable finance and investment. This helps to identify the challenges and opportunities in this field, and to share best practices and innovations that can help to drive progress.