Watch our Radical Old Idea interview on Adam Smith with David Pitt-Watson, responsible investing pioneer and Cambridge Judge Business School. As COP27 came to a close, our researcher Sam Wheldon-Bayes spoke to David about Smith, the climate crisis, COP and natural capital.

In the interview, filmed at Adam Smith’s Panmure House, where the Enlightenment scholar once lived, David discusses what Smith would have thought about climate, COP and natural capital, applying these lessons to some of the big questions facing modern policymakers. The discussion draws on the Wealth of Nations in the 21st Century essay series, which he contributed to.

As David argues, some of Smith’s modern devotees dramatically misunderstand his beliefs. In the face of a collective challenge such as climate change, it is unlikely Smith would have proposed a free-market, low-regulation approach, but rather advocated effective regulation.

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