COP27 is upon us. The first day saw UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres warn the world that “we are fighting for our lives and we are losing… we are on a way to climate hell”, setting out the stakes of these talks, in addition to raising the pressing loss and damage issue.

Finance day is taking place tomorrow, on Wednesday 9th November. As accredited observers, GEFI have been working with our partners to curate events in the Blue Zone featuring our co-founder Omar Shaikh, who is out in Sharm El-Sheikh. As most of our audience will be tuning in online, we have given times in GMT. Local time (EET) is GMT+02.

Here is a selection events and programmes highlighting the best of finance at COP27.

We recently launched our Path to COP28 campaign. Join the campaign to get an early start on next year’s key summit, and deliver finance for climate action. Find out more now.