We are acutely aware of the risk of event fatigue and stagnation so we think carefully before settling on our topics and identifying our speakers.

Over the years we have built up good momentum and the expectations of our stakeholders is now high. It is a considerable challenge to identify topics that appeal to a broad range of stakeholders that can be explored at a level of detail that works for everyone. The high number of regular participants indicates that we are getting it right. 

Islamic Finance – an Ethical Alternative

Challenges In Awareness and Marketing of Ethical Finance Products

Marketing and Distribution Challenges and Growth of Impact Investing

Scottish Heritage in Establishing Professional Bodies – Monetary Reform: How Money is Created

Opportunities in Ethical Finance – Credit Unions, Social Impact Bonds and Investments

Role of Ethical Finance in Scottish Government’s Banking Strategy

Green Bonds and the Challenge of Stranded Assets

Building a Trusted Brand in Banking – Challenges in Marketing Ethical Products

International Developments in Ethical Finance

Financing Social Housing

Investment for Social Purpose

Impact Investing – Using Mainstream Investment and Philanthropic Capital to Deliver and Measure Environmental and Social Benefits

Ethical Finance From a Faith-Based Perspective

UN SDG’s in the Financial Services Sector

Rise of the Millennial – Impact on Business and Investment Strategies

Government and the Financial Services Sector – Working Together for Stronger, Sustainable and Inclusive Economies

The Role of Blended Finance for the SDGs

Ethical Finance Approaches in the Debt Capital Markets

Innovative Developments in Social and Blended Finance

Ethical Finance Market Update – Keynote Interviews

Ethical Finance Round Table 21

Path to COP26 – Financing a Green Future

Role of Ethical Finance in Rebuilding the Economy after Covid-19 (Virtual Round Table)