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The Edinburgh Ethical Finance Round Table was established in 2010 and forms part of the Global Ethical Finance Initiative. The round tables convene senior stakeholders from financial services, government, faith groups, academia and the third sector from Scotland and beyond. Our events provide a key forum for networking, sharing experiences and exploring the means and opportunities for establishing a more stable and socially responsible financial services sector.

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Our EEFRT Overview provides a summary of the events we have hosted to date. It is a live document, updated regularly to include details of the latest events.

"We were astonished and delighted at the scope of the participants and were  impressed by the conviviality. There was a sense that people were there to explore the ideas as people not just as representatives of what they did for their jobs. In the world of international finance groups struggling with issues around ethics this was one of the most impressive meetings we’ve been to."

Martin Palmer, Secretary-General Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC)


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A Leading Industry

A direct employer of over 100,000 people providing expertise in pensions, investments banking, professional services and asset servicing.

Over £800 billion of funds under management.

Generates around £8 billion for the Scottish economy.

Pioneers in social and venture philanthropy investment.

The Opportunities

UN Sustainable Development Goals could create 380 million jobs and generate US$12 trillion in business savings and revenue by 2030.

Over the next 25 years millennials will inherit US$32 trillion. 86% of millennials are interested in sustainable investment and are twice as likely to invest in companies/funds that target social or environmental outcomes.

Over 75% of faith groups have negative screening processes in place but until very recently almost none had any positive investment policies.

Scottish Government investing £2 billion over 10 years into Scottish National Investment Bank – a public body with mission-based approach to investment.